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Seattle Emergency Family Assistance

friendshelpingfriends started this conversation

Emergency Family Assistance:  A limited number of families with children can receive assistance through this program.  Assistance is offered for families experiencing an emergency or temporary financial difficulty.  Beginning Fall 2009, only a handful of new families may be accepted each month.  We regret that we are not able to accept all referrals we receive for this program at this time.  No waiting list is maintained for services but families that are turned away are welcome to have a new referral sent for a future month.  Our assistance varies but may include household supplies (cleaning products, personal hygiene products, towels, kitchen items), food assistance (Safeway gift cards), infant supplies, shoe vouchers and other items.  To qualify for these services a family must be experiencing a change in their situation- either due to illness, job loss, the arrival of a new baby or other emergent situation.  Our assistance is temporary to help families with emergencies rather than ongoing.

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For the Emergency Family Assistance program, clients are referred through Family Support Workers, Counselors, or Nurses in the Seattle Public Schools, Public Health Nurses or Social Services Agencies on the Seattle Milk Fund referral form.  No applications will be considered without a referral and families must live in Seattle.  Social workers and other referrers can get our written referral forms here.   We consider families for this program who have a Seattle zip code or are in zip codes 98178, 98155, 98177, 98133.  We are not able to offer services through this program to families in South or East King county or who live in Pierce or Snohomish Counties.  Please note that students from the greater Seattle King County area ARE eligible to apply for childcare and education grants even if they live out of Seattle. 

Shoe Vouchers and Backpacks:  On receipt of our written referral form, our volunteers send a card for shoes.  Families then shop for and select the shoes with their child.  We are only able to fill 1 request per child per year.  We are generally able to meet 100% of demand.  In the fall, backpacks are filled with school supplies for each grade and available throughout the year until we run out.  These resources can be accessed on the same forms.  Backpacks must be picked up at the Seattle Milk Fund office either by the referrer or the client.  Due to the increase applications and in order to reduce the administrative costs of this program, the shoe voucher-only referral form may only be submitted by school social workers or domestic violence shelters.  

Assistance for adults without children:  Seattle Milk Fund is a family support agency.  We regret that we are unable to  offer services for adults who are not parenting young and school aged children.  If you are looking for assistance for low-income adults, please contact the Crisis Clinic for suggestions on where to turn. 

Why do families have to live in Seattle or zips 98178, 98155, 98133 or 98155 to benefit from this program?:  Due to limited funds and volunteer time, Seattle Milk Fund must limit this program only to families in Seattle.  We regret that we can not serve all of King County with this program. 

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